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Structures Strategies: Build New or Refresh?

October 29, 2021

In this episode of Tech On Demand brought to you by GrowerTalks, host Bill Calkins is joined by Paul Golden, Sales Manager for Commercial Growing with Prospiant Inc., to discuss how you should approach the decision to build new greenhouses or retrofit or repurpose your current structures to meet new crop needs or prepare for product mix shifts in the future. They look at many angles this episode, from the physical structure and components inside to the people who work under the greenhouse roof. Your greenhouse structures serve diverse purposes and impact just about every factor in your business, including the health and success of each crop, as well as labor, efficiency and employee attitudes.

Through this podcast, Paul and Bill touch on all of these factors and more moving from the structural functionalities needed for your equipment to how your existing layout impacts labor and efficiency. One key factor to consider when deciding to build new or refresh is the cost of maintenance and Paul spends plenty of time on this. Perhaps shifting these expenses towards a new build is a better bet long term. The podcast concludes with a discussion geared toward hybrid business, grower-retailers. If you have plans to add a retail component to your business, due to increased demand in the past few years, you have a whole new set of considerations, beginning with the fundamental question: Is your greenhouse structurally sound? You also need to think about the shopping environment and whether your current facility is conducive to people with a far different tolerance for the greenhouse environment than your staff.


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